Blazer is a multi-talented Singer, Rapper, Producer/Trap Artist and was in born in the UK in London. One event that motivated him to start releasing music was the song “Freak of the Week” by Krept & Konan featuring Jerimiah. Blazer remixed the track and added himself on a promo. This helped to lead him to his current sound. Prior to this Blazer recorded and wrote music.

He does music to encourage happiness. Inspired by many genres, Blazer’s vocals has numerous styles, rapping Dancehall music style, traditional rap, or singing with an R&B/Trap vibe. Some of his inspiration can come from artists like Young Thug, Tony Thompson and Chris Brown.

His biggest performances to date was in August 2018. He performed on Rapattack sound system at Notting Carnival and was well received. His first release was in 2016, a track entitled “Do This Level 1" In 2017 he recorded “Party Overloaded” this was the first time Blazer had included trap into his production sound. Trap sounds has since been used more frequently in his production.

In July 2021 Blazer released his single “The Baddest” unlike his previous songs it's 100% trap. The mesmerising intro, crisp hi hat rolls, synth melody, high level production, lively vocals and catchy chorus sets your pulses racing.

Blazer demonstrates versatility, he can switch his vocal tones that can make it seem like another artist is featured.

Currently in August 2022 Blazer has released a sizzling Trap song entitled ‘Love Is Fya’. This track is fully written and produced by him. The moment you hear the intro, the song connects with you. The punchy vocals and music production totally sync together. The second the vocals commences you’ll feel like your travelling on a tantalising journey.

Blazer will continue to create more super tracks and will progress to doing more live performances and start making videos.

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